How to Identify Good Pet Groomers

 6 Ways on How to Identify a Good Pet Groomer?


Pet grooming is an essential part of the pet regime. It makes a pet feel healthy and keeps all the disease at bay. It is said that if your pet is groomed at regular intervals, he has the least chances of attracting tick fever- a hazardous disease. 

The type of grooming services you need totally depends on the kind of pet you have. Some may require less grooming whereas some may require more. But whatever the case, the pet should look fresh, feel fresh and all the fur should be tangle-free.

You can do regular grooming of your pet at home, but it is always better to avail professional grooming services once a while.

Professional pet boarding services will surprise you the way they groom your pet. But you want to confirm you have chosen the best groomers in South Tampa to have such an experience. Just bathing a pet is not grooming service, the pet should be clean from nose to tail. 

So how to identify a good pet groomer service, especially if you are living in and around Brandon or Tampa Area

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while selecting a good pet groomer.

#1. They should know how to handle every kind of pet

Shampooing, cutting hair and everything else is a second step. The initial step is that the grooming people should know how to handle your pet, no matter how he behaves. They should have a hands-down experience in pet behavior. 

Of course, they will put a muzzle on, if the pet gets aggressive, but they should know the right way to do it. For example- majority of dogs do not like to bathe, and some have a blast while bathing. Both kinds should be handled immensely well. 

The pet groomer should first let the dog adapt to the surroundings. A dog should be welcomed with happy faces. He should get acquainted with the surroundings and the groomer should assure this. 



Our grooming parlor staff knows the generalized behavior patterns of various breeds. This knowledge helps them in handling every kind of pet. Plus, they should also know how to make an anxious pet feel at home, during the grooming session.

Dog behavior, for example, tends to vary when water is sprayed on them, so the grooming staff should be ready to handle all kinds of things. Of course, you will guide them beforehand about your pet but just knowing is not enough. They should know how to act in situations when the pet is aggressive, fearful, anxious, in pain etc.

#2. What type of services do they actually provide?

Pet boarding or grooming services do not only include shampooing and trimming the fur, it is a lot more than that. Your pet has to be groomed according to its breed. Long hair breed has brushing, combing, untangling, shampooing, conditioning, washing and then drying. Short hair breed has services like brushing, removing flakes, shampooing, conditioning and then drying. Then both breeds have cleaning ears, eyes, paws, tails, cutting nails, shaping the mane hair and the list goes on. 

A good groomer will know what kind of service is to be provided to which breed. And it does not include only cats and dogs. They should know about other kinds of pets and the grooming services they require. Well, an efficient groomer will know how to groom all kinds of pets. 

Even bathing a pet has various types in it. These include a medicated bath, complete body spa, haircut, hair styling, etc. So, a good pet groomer will further have an entire list to guide you on which is the best service for your pet.

#3. What are the products they use?

Again, the products they use will tell you how much knowledge they have about various pets. Not all products suit everyone. Even pets have options for sensitive skin, dry skin, type of hairs, for their shampooing needs. 

So, when you decide on a groomer, check on the products the groomer uses on the pets. Check on those brands and also tell your groomer if your dog or cat is allergic to certain creams or not. Generally, groomers apply paw softening moisturizers to the paws, so you should have every detail about the product they use.



If you are the one who prefers natural products over synthetic ones, you should tell the groomer that. Our grooming products are top quality and many are vet recommended. 

There are also different brushes for different pets. A good pet groomer will know his brushes. The hair has to be untangled professionally and the pet should not feel any pain. These jobs are performed very well by an experienced groomer. Experienced groomer knows that his grooming supplies should be ‘pet-friendly’. The brushing should be as enjoyable as a belly rub to the pets.

#4. Look at the space and the facilities

A pet grooming parlor must have ample space for a pet to have a session comfortably. There should be things that make a pet feel safe. The bathing area should be the one where the pet should be able to sit, and stand freely. It should not be clustered. If a dog is having a bath, there should be a nice waiting area. The staff should be able to socialize with the pet and make him feel comfortable before taking him in. 

You should also ask if you are allowed to watch the pet while he is having a bath? But if your pet gets anxious or uncomfortable seeing you, you should avoid this option. Look out for spaces wherein you can watch the pet but the pet cannot watch you. You will see our facility speaks for itself when you view our gallery

A good grooming parlor will always have a nice and clean facility.  Always be sure your pet is placed comfortably before he starts his session, because nobody understands him better than you. See if their facility compares to our facility. 

There should also be options for hot and cold water to give your pet a comfortable bath. There should be high rise tables to manage proper haircuts and drying, and at the same time, pets with fur should be dried completely before letting them out. Also, enquire about pick and drop services for your pet.

#5. Know the reviews and the cost beforehand

The best option to know about a good groomer is to talk to people who have availed their services. The digital world has made this very easy. So, read on reviews of other pet parents before availing the pet services. The experience of others will inform you whether your pet will be comfortable or not with the groomer. 

Do not attempt hit and trial with the pet boarding services for your pets, this could be hazardous. Talk to all possible people before checking in. Also, get to know about the cost of the grooming services. There should be various packages according to the breed of your pet. There should be various services too. Talk beforehand to know if there are any hidden charges. Send your pet’s photos if necessary. Our grooming prices are listed clearly on our website and at our facility. 

Some grooming services can be expensive. Like if you go for a bath it may be one cost but if you want to give a medicated bath, it may cost more. So, convey about these requirements to the groomer beforehand. Moreover, an experienced groomer is anyways expected to guide you about these things. Our prices are reasonable and very competitive. 

#6. Training of the groomer and medical emergencies

This is a very important point when you leave a pet to a groomer. The groomer should be trained well enough to act if there is a medical emergency. There should be a first aid kit available with them to act in minor emergencies. 

Moreover, there are training programs for groomers to provide them with the basic training of grooming pets. Such training should be mandatorily done by the groomer. If you see that the groomer is not trained you should avoid the services.

If your pet has specific medical needs. Simply, discuss them with our staff and we will accommodate and inform you of what we can do to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Also, our staff will inform you if there are limitations to what our staff can do in special medical situations.

To conclude,

These are some of the critical points to identify a good pet groomer. You will know one when you see one and his facilities. Plus, if your pet is cleaner and happier with the first service, you know you have a groomer for the rest of your pet’s life. 

Do not change the groomer if your pet is comfortable with him. Wagging the tail while entering and leaving the premises is a dog’s way of saying that he had a good time. Same way, just notice the behavior in your pets and you will know if you have found the right cleaning services for your pet. This is why we strive to impress you with our service and our reviews allow customers to validate this. 

A good groomer can be identified by the ways he treats you and your pet. If he has hands-on experience with pets, your pet may get easily comfortable with him. 

So, if you notice that your pet is comfortable around our groomer, we have passed. Please don’t forget to write reviews on our services after your pet’s stay! 

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