Brandon and Tampa Boarding Information

When to Board your Pets

When traveling or when emergencies arise where you cannot be by your pet for even a short period of time. Inevitably there comes a time when you cannot be around your pet. 

One option when traveling is to take your pet with you. There are a few obstacles that you will encounter when traveling with pets. First, your pet must be registered as a service animal to fly on a plane. Hotels often have pet restrictions and even hotels that allow pets can have issues. If your dog begins barking and making noise. The hotel has the right to terminate your stay. 

Additionally, hotels sometimes charge an extra fee for pets. You will also be liable for any damage or mess that your pet might make during your stay. 

Long car rides can also be stressful on your pet. They may require a cage and a bumpy uncomfortable ride is unavoidable. 


Boarding Your Pet vs. Having Friends & Family Care for Them

Having friends and family care for your pet is an option. There are several reasons why options such as professional pet suites in Brandon or feline suites in Tampa service may be a better choice. 

Friends and family may take on the responsibility of caring for your pet. While this provides a level of comfort. Your pet’s host may have to leave for an extended period of time. They may have to put long hours of work in or an emergency may arise where they cannot take proper care of your dog or cat. 

They may not realize the responsibilities involved in caring for your loving companion. Whereas a professional facility is experienced in care. 


Take the Worry Out of Pet Care

Dog boarding and cat kennel rentals in Tampa Florida are worry free at Puppy Palace. We provide the same level of comfort in our Brandon facility as well. 

Our staff of experienced professionals cares for everything from puppies to large breeds. Rest assured that our staff has the knowledge to keep your mind at ease. 

There are agencies such as American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) and Better Business Bureau which give another level of comfort to boarding in Tampa or Brandon. 


What Can Pet Boarding Offer?

  1. Sanitation – Kennels should be free of dirt, parasites (fleas, ticks and ringworm), and should be properly cleaned regularly. 
  2. Medication – Medication schedules and delivery are monitored and handled by our trained staff. 
  3. Feeding Schedules – Pets with special feeding schedule needs are accommodated and we can work with you to find the best meal solutions.
  4. Elderly Animals – Elderly pets require special care and we understand the needs of aging dogs and cats. 


How to Choose the Right Pet Suites

Choosing the right pet suites are important. There are many ways you can makes sure your pets are in good hands. 

Online reviews in Tampa and Brandon are important. You can research these online. 

You should also visit our facilities to see the level of effort we put into making sure each animal is safe, happy and well cared for. 

Our phones are always available. A kennel that doesn’t answer phone calls may not be looking after your pet very effectively. We implore you to call our phone and speak with a live professional. 

We are confident that our Brandon Pet Suites and Tampa Pet Suites are the best option available.